Naomi's Learning Journey

Become absorbed while reading Naomi’s struggles and successes as she builds her confidence by learning English and taking the WowReader challenge in Australia.

My Story

My name is Naomi, I began my journey barely being able to speak or read anything in Australia. WowReader has helped me overcome many struggles including getting my driver's licence, completing a business qualification and building my confidence through learning English. My journey has not been easy and it still continues day by day, but I am continually moving forward.

Apr 26 2017

Alien language

I would not even try to pronounce sounds like Th, W, R, V, B and so on, I thought they were impossible for me to learn. As you can guess, I couldn’t enjoy at all learning English in Japan. When I.....

Apr 25 2017


It is easy to lose confidence, I also feel sympathy for them because they have to spend an uncomfortable time to talk with me. This makes me try to finish the conversion as soon as possible. After this,.....

Apr 24 2017

Opening life’s window

Because English is like music, we have to listen carefully and mimic what we hear. My close friend said, “ Naomi, just listen like it is music.” It has inspired me because it is easy to listen to music.....