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English is music!

I work at a Spa. At the lunch time, I talked with my co-worker who can speak English fluently. Actually, she is from Korea and her English is excellent too.

I asked how I would be able to improve my English from a Japanese speaker’s viewpoint. She explained that the Japanese will finish saying a vowel at the end of each word. However, English speakers will almost always finish saying a consonant at end of each word.

English is music!

I can now understand English rhythm, also naturally I can speak slowly. Through gaining confidence, I could speak English more clearly.

Sometimes I say “toileto” instead of ” toilet”. Many times, I have made customers at my work confused. Also she said that English is like music. Because English has an intonation while Japanese pronunciation is almost completely flat. When we speak English, English speech has rhythm. I was interested in these points. When we sing songs, we should relax our tongue. When we speak English, we should do the same. These days, my English environment is slightly different. I can now understand English rhythm, also naturally I can speak slowly. Through gaining confidence, I can speak English more clearly.

The other day, I completed an exam to get my driving licence in Australia. I didn’t practice many example exams on the internet, I just practiced three example exams. However I got a perfect score in the exam!! When I read the driving guide book in my laptop, I always used my mouth and ears too. It seems reading out loud works well for me.

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Naomi K

My name is Naomi and I live in Australia. I have been struggling with English for many years. However since I started using WowReader regularly, I feel like my life is expanding. I feel great joy when sharing my life with every person I encounter. Fortunately I have been asked to write about my experience of living overseas using English as a second language. These stories are a reflection of my life, struggles and victories. I hope some of my stories touch your heart.