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Build confidence

I would like to share with you another episode in my life.

It was the day after I was shopping for ingredients, I was walking up a small hill to come back home. An old lady was passing me, she looked healthy but her shoulder was bending a little. Suddenly, I had the confidence to say “Hello, how are you?”.

Build confidence

I felt it was an amazing experience for me! Because I didn’t have enough courage to do that before.

She looked at me suddenly and she seemed to be happy then she said ‘she was good’. After a few steps of walking with each other, she stopped in front of me and asked me “Are you Japanese? “. I replied “Yes, I am. But how did you know?” She said that my face looked Japanese. Also, she said that she could understand Chinese. I asked her “Do you have family in China?”. She explained how to improve Chinese language and wanted to introduce her neighbour who can speak Japanese and was going to Japan for a week. She called her neighbour, but the neighbour was in a shopping centre. They invited me to have tea with them when the neighbour came back to Australia from Japan. I felt it was an amazing experience for me! I didn’t have enough courage to do that before. I think I seem to have built confidence too.

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Naomi K

My name is Naomi and I live in Australia. I have been struggling with English for many years. However since I started using WowReader regularly, I feel like my life is expanding. I feel great joy when sharing my life with every person I encounter. Fortunately I have been asked to write about my experience of living overseas using English as a second language. These stories are a reflection of my life, struggles and victories. I hope some of my stories touch your heart.