About Us

WowReader is incredible software, by utilising screen-to-voice technology it helps make learning on the computer a better option for anyone. As formal and self-directed online learning becomes more popular, WowReader can be there with you, as if it is your personal reading assistant.

Our Mission

The development team for the WowReader Project thinks English is incredible. Not only is English the primary language for the business world, it can also help us to communicate with countless people across dozens of countries. We think communication is the key to bringing nations together and forming more harmony around the globe. This is why we created WowReader, to encourage society. The WowReader app not only helps people overcome language barriers by making reading and learning easier, we firmly believe it can also improve your confidence and thus encourage you to develop heart-filled relationships which will ultimately make the world a more colourful place to be in.


WowReaderWowReader is developed for people in needs for more productive online study and reading assistant to help them to overcome visual or reading difficulties.


MediaCheck out the latest news about WowReader. You can also find software update and user support information here. From time to time, we will share useful articles.


ContactBusiness enquiries such as interest in resale should be made here. If you are users of WowReader and have some questions, please go through FAQ first.